Options for Catholic Church and Diocesean Software have never been better

We are passionate about finding solutions to make serving and leading your parish easier. Parish Data System™ was founded by a Catholic priest, Father Mike, which has made us dedicated to serving The Church and has led us to develop the best Catholic church management software available on the market. With more solutions and tools, we have never been more capable of serving Catholic parishes and dioceses than we are right now.

We offer solutions designed for parishes and dioceses.

For parishes, everyone is a part of the team: pastoral care, staff, parishioners, and volunteers. Offering ways to connect your parishioners, track the Sacraments,  or help staff do their jobs better, PDS™ is a parish management software solution designed to help your community grow spiritually.

For dioceses, we have made it so coordinating, collecting, and sharing information and resources are consistent and straightforward. This enables your diocesan staff to coordinate information flow in a standardized way, thus making reporting information comprehensive and accurate.

The choice is yours.

Within ACS Technologies, there are three software solutions designed to help you reach your ministry goals. The first is PDS OnDemand, which is the most recent version of the longtime favorite PDS. The second is Realm, a web-based platform that offers accessibility, whether in the church or on the road.  And the third is MinistryPlatform, a customizable solution for diocese and parishes of all sizes.

All of our products offer Online GivingStreaming, and Community Analysis tools, Background Checks, and so much more.

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