The Smartest way to Evangelize in today's Catholic Church


Connect with parishioners. Grow in faith.  Deepen relationship.

ACS Technologies has been passionate about finding solutions to make serving and leading your diocese and parishes easier for decades.  It all started fourty-four years ago when Father Mike, had the idea to develop a Catholic Church management system, and Parish Data SystemTM was created.

Today, in addition to PDS, other solutions, and consulting services offer MinistryPlatform for all parishes and diocese.  ACS Technologies has never been more capable of serving Catholic diocese and parishes and than we are now.

Know, connect, and grow.  Build disciples.

As Diocesan leaders, you are faced with a need for more resources, time and money.  Out team can help you develop a plan for your diocese moving forward that welcomes and forms missionary disciples while growing in faith and community.



MinistryPlatform - A church management
solution on a platform that allows you to
customize it to your need

MissionInsite - MissionInsite reveals
insights about your community,
so you can move from data to decisions.
COVID-19's Impact on Parish Collections
ACST study in partnership with Villanova's
Center for Church Management


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