Faith through Mapping: A Journey Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Presented By: Catherine Burroughs – GIS Analyst – Spatial Systems Associates, Inc.


Demographics of the Catholic Church are ever-changing.  Computer mapping technology can provide an effective way to visualize data about the faith-based community to assist in understanding changes amongst parishioners.  Geographic Information Systems technology has become one of the mainstream technologies to assist in understanding spatial relationships.  Within the church community, understanding these spatial relationships can assist in making effective and informed decisions.

In addition to mapping locations of parishioners, parish boundaries, and church locations, the release of the 2010 Census data has provided a substantial amount of demographic information that can be used to evaluate changes occurring within the Catholic Church.  The ability to factor this information into various planning decisions can help ensure that the needs of the parishioners are being met. Diocesan school and student location mapping can assist dioceses in determining where the student population comes from for each school within the diocese.  This information and analyses can assist in decisions that will support the Catholic Church to continue providing both pastoral and education services to the general population.

This webinar will explain how GIS can help in making more informed decisions at the parish and diocese level.  Please join us to learn how mapping through GIS can assist your diocese.

Wednesday June 20, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST

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