The Mission Grant recipients for 2011 are:

Pinellas Hope Homeless Shelter in Clearwater, Florida –submitted by Diocese of St Petersburg, Florida.

Pinellas Hope is a temporary shelter that assists 250 street homeless men and women by providing them with emergency shelter.  At Pinellas Hope, residents have the opportunity to sleep undisturbed, take a daily shower, utilize on-site laundry facilities and have a warm, comforting meal each day. Pinellas Hope and its partners donate and serve an average of 250 meals each day or 91,250 meals per year!

Clothes, new underwear, blankets, batteries and personal grooming supplies are needed as well as water-proof wallets, notebooks and folders to help organize residents working toward self-sufficiency and stable housing. Money provided by the DISC Mission Grant Program will be used to purchase bikes for work, warm clothing, hygiene essentials, and build weatherproof tent stands to insulate against rain and cold.  Shortly after applying for this grant, the shelter was hit by a tornado and therefore its needs became even greater.


St Francis House in Sioux Falls, South Dakota–submitted by Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The St. Francis House is an ecumenical ministry to the homeless in the Sioux Falls Community. The mission of the St. Francis House is moving people from homeless to hope. The St. Francis House provides for the immediate basic needs of single individuals and parent(s) with children. These needs are shelter, food and safety. Once these needs are met we provide case management services to assist with remaining their sobriety, obtaining employment, debt reduction and improving their self esteem.

Through support from the DISC Mission Grant Program, St Francis House will be able to provide the families who have worked hard to meet their program goals with opportunities to make their lives better. Providing a family who does not have the resources to purchase diapers for their child or being able to purchase healthy foods because their food stamps have been used for the month. Lastly, being able to give a mother clean and safe bottles to feed her newborn allows our families to know that they can keep moving forward.