Happy 2015 and we hope that you are staying warm this winter!

In only a few short months we will be gathering in the Diocese of Alexandria for DISC 2015. More on DISC 2015 below!

Hopefully you have had a chance to renew your DISC membership for 2015. If not, please take a minute and renew your membership today!

Board of Directors

membership1Membership is an Annual Event

Once again it is time to renew your DISC membership and our annual DISC Membership registration is now open!

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bylawBylaw Amendment Change

The Nominating Committee is asking to change the Bylaw Amendment (Article VI, Committees, Section 2) regarding the number of nominees running for vacancies on the Board of Directors.

The current bylaw states that we are to have “a slate of nominees consisting of the names of individuals nominated for positions on the Board of Directors containing names of at least twice as many nominees as the number of directors to be elected at such meeting.” This past year we had only three people apply. After extending the nomination period for two weeks, a fourth person submitted their name.

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previewDISC 2015 Preview

The DISC 2015 Planning Committee has been hard at work these past few months working to make this year’s conference one you won’t forget. Here is a preview of what they have planned.

We’ll start our PreConference on Tuesday at 8 am in the hotel and conference center. This year, in response to feedback received from our membership via surveys, we will focus the day on the technicalities of migrating away from an in-house solution to the ever expanding in popularity hosted solutions. Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365. With changes in licensing and just the I.T. world in general, many of our organizations are making this choice. We will have representatives from both Google and Microsoft present to split our day between the two solutions. We will focus first on the nitty gritty details of what it takes to migrate to each platform (Google in the morning, Microsoft in the afternoon). We will provide step by step details. Next we will discuss the application highlights, have a little bit of “here’s how we use this” conversation. And then we will have a case study led by a Diocesan representative who’s been through the trenches. At the end of the day, we will have a group discussion comparing the two solutions and sharing best practices for both.

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Bishop Pates Mission Grant Applications Now Available

For several years our organization has provided grants to organizations that serve in a variety of ministries that possibly do not have financial resources that many of our local Dioceses or Parishes enjoy. Since the grant program has been put into place, several agencies, Diocesan offices, Catholic Charities and Mission organizations have been approved for small grant funding.

We encourage you to submit any Mission or Catholic organization in the National or International community that you feel would benefit from this grant. The proposed grantee needs to be submitted through a DISC member and all applications need to be submitted by April 30, 2015.

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townhallTown Hall Meeting

Did you miss the December Town Hall Meeting? You can view it by clicking here.

Please mark your calendar for the next Town Hall Meeting, March 5, 2 pm CST (3:00 pm EST). Stay tuned for more information.

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