by Jocelyn Sloan, Diocese of Fargo

QuickR is a web-based collaboration tool for DISC members, generously hosted for DISC by Christian Brothers Services. The easiest way to get to QuickR  is to visit the DISC web site at and click the promi- nent link to QuickR . QuickR  features include:

general discussion board for presenting questions to other DISC members

files library with sample IS policies and other documents

discount programs discussion with topic-specific discussions on discount programs

conference archives with presentations from past conferences

discussion archive with old discussion threads

dBay equipment trading for offering un-needed equipment to other DISC members

In addition to the content that is accessible to all DISC members, QuickR  has restricted-access “rooms” for use by the Board of Trustees, Web Site Committee, and Conference Planning team.

QuickR  sends out daily e-mail alerts when members post new content, so you don’t need to check the QuickR  every day. If you prefer not to receive the daily alerts you can change the setting in your QuickR  user account.

If your diocese is a DISC member and you don’t yet have a QuickR  username and password, e-mail a request to