Broadview Networks, a facilities based telecommunications carrier is the newest company to join the partner program with DISC. Broadview currently provides services to the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Syracuse NY. In addition, Broadview has worked extensively within the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre NY for over seven years. Customers include The Diocese of Brooklyn, Catholic Charities, Catholic Cemeteries, many Parishes, Schools, and Organizations. Broadview offers competitive pricing, a dedicated Account Manager, and a wide range of products. A benefit of your Diocese becoming a Broadview customer is that we will provide significant upfront payments to DISC and residual payments every month to the organization. This program will allow DISC to expand its programs and member benefits while providing savings and greater customer service for the Dioceses and entities within the Dioceses.

The program is called the Broadview Community Partnership (BCP) and is designed with a tiered payment structure. When a Diocese becomes a Broadview customer, and individual entities within the Diocese become customers as well, the Diocese will receive the upfront payments and residuals, as well as DISC. Payments from the referral program have no effect on the savings that Broadview Networks provides. The program is open to any business, allowing Dioceses, Parishes, schools, and any entity within the Diocese to participate. The BCP payments that your organization will receive are considered non restricted funds therefore can be used as needed. Another benefit of this program to consider is that any time a phone call is made by a member of this program, a donation is being made directly to the receiving Partner.

Broadview’s extensive product offering allows a one source vendor solution for all voice and data needs. Broadview offers a consultative approach to new customers by reviewing all existing services and offering suggestions and solutions to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. We ask that you contact Terry McPherson from Broadview Networks to allow him to introduce you to the services his company provides and prepare a proposal for your Diocese.

“We have the pleasure of working with Mr. Terry McPherson of Broadview Networks… Terry has addressed each issue presented to him in a professional and efficient manner” Michael Cibelli, CTO Diocese of Brooklyn.

Find out more today – Contact Terry McPherson today at 516-348-2586 or by email at