by Lou Orbin, past president

In the past few years, I have become more aware of the many national organizations that are active in our church.  Each  of these organizations work  toward the same goals, to make their particular ministry to our  church more effective.  The  members  of these  organizations  share  with  each other  their  successes,  their  dreams  and those  plans that  did  not achieve the success  that  was planned.   In all  they come together to share their experiences.  To learn more about their particular field or area of ministry, how  they  can be more successful  in helping their  diocese or  those  involved in it’s various endeavors. Each  person I have met and spoken with, who  are involved in various ministries; Family Life, Stewardship, Liturgy, Youth Ministry etc, look to their annual conference as a valuable resource. An opportunity to gain  more knowledge. A chance to make more contacts.

Those of us involved in the technology side  of our  dioceses enjoy  those same qualities and opportunities  through  DISC.   Looking back over the years  the topics covered at  our  annual  meetings  have touched on important issues.   Security, Software Licensing, New  Technology, Policies and Procedures, Communication Skills, Project Management the list  is lengthy.   In addition to this  learning experience bonds are formed, help  is offered and support in what we do is freely given.  Each  of us has found that changes  take  place very quickly and it becomes  more difficult to be informed about  everything.   Our best tool  at times is knowing who  to call when we don’t  have the answers.  And most likely someone in one  of  the  dioceses  has  already been  involved in finding that  solution we  too  are trying to discover. Many times when questions are posed on our  web  site through QuickR, Chris, Diane, Kathy, Lee or any of the many others are ready to help  out with  advice that they have experienced.

Although many of us would like to attend all of the offerings that are out there our  diocese can’t  afford the fourteen or fifteen hundred dollar conference fee, let alone the transportation and accommodations necessary.   Without a doubt your diocese would want to provide educational opportunities to help  you be more aware of changes in the IT field  and be more effective in assisting the church and it many and various ministries.

Our annual conference is really an investment in you to further your knowledge, it’s a means to keep up  to date on the changes that are taking place, it is an educational experience.  Plus  it’s an opportunity to build relationships helping you  to become effective in your ministry to your diocese.   The  involvement of the  membership  of DISC  demonstrates  that  we  are working together  for  our  church.    It has  illus-trated  to vendors  that  we  are a viable organization and has  enabled  us to achieve  savings for  our dioceses and has enabled .

We are looking forward to you joining us this year to celebrate our twentieth anniversary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Lou Orbin