by Mary Jo Jungwirth, past DISC Board of Trustees, President, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Last June, the DISC membership had an opportunity to glance back during the 20th annual conference of the DISC organization and ponder its many accomplishments through these years. I took this opportunity to reflect on my own years as a member, and, how being a member of the organization has benefited our Archdiocese.  I am happy to report that the Archdiocesan investment in this conference has provided a return that can be measured by the benefits of product savings, cost reducing initiatives and providing networking opportunities that are only available when over 100 dioceses representatives gather for the annual conference.  I am excited to be a part of the next 20 years and to witness the evolution of our organization to come.

An article included in this newsletter, by Lee Jones, Diocese of Richmond, reflects the work that has been done, this year, by the membership committee, who has been working on a three phase program to recruit new Diocese (Arch) members through a planned growth initiative.

The first phase has been to recruit new Diocese (Arch) by personal invitation and direct contact of members who were not able to attend the Williamsburg 20th anniversary conference. The second phase will be to contact former members in an effort to renew their Diocese as members in our organization. The third phase of this initiative will be to produce materials for distribution to potential interested diocesan staff regarding the DISC organization, highlighting the growth in the services and discounts that are available through the volume purchasing programs.

To assist the work of this committee and the Board of Trustees, we invite and encourage members to share your thoughts with your regional diocesan IT and administrative staff on the benefits you and your diocese has gained from becoming members of the DISC organization.   In this issue, the 2005 DISC new/ renewal membership application is included.  Be sure to pass this form along to those that may be interested in becoming part of the DISC family.

I would like to thank membership committee members Jeff Wipf, Lee Jones and Carol Pilarski for their work on this initiative.

See you in Raleigh!