by MaryJo Jungwirth, past President

First and foremost, I would like to thank the membership for all of the good wishes and support that I have received since the election in Williamsburg. In the past couple of weeks, I have been able to take some time and reflect on my relationship with DISC and how it began and also, how I have benefited personally and professionally. Many of the members that I have met along the way of my tenure with DISC have helped to guide my efforts in leadership and ability to serve you as the President for 2004-2005

I attended my first conference in 1997 which was hosted by the Diocese of Colorado Springs. It was there that I met some notable or memorable members of DISC for the first time. I have been able to learn from those folks and depend on their sage advice when I had questions. One of the more memorable members was of course, Fr. Douglas Tobin. His personality was large and so was his passion for DISC. Although Fr. Tobin is no longer with us, many of our continuing efforts today have his hallmark. I will attempt to bring his passion along with me in this next year of DISC related business.

Another great friend that I met at the conference was Joseph Edward, Diocese of London, Canada. It was his presentation on a technology plan at one of the DISC conferences that clearly provided me with the connection of Church mission and technology. This vision will help to keep evangelization through technology as the driving force behind our negotiations and efforts.

One other mentor that has quietly impacted my path and needs to be mentioned is Lou Orbin. He has helped to guide me through his example of ethical and professional leadership throughout his efforts on behalf of DISC. I am fortunate that he and others in the organization, past or present, are so willing to give their passion, mission and leadership to work towards continuing the efforts of the past, present and future of a stronger DISC organization throughout North America.