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  • Online members’ forum (QuickR), which includes:
    • discussion board for technical, spiritual, moral, or other questions
    • ability to search past discussion threads for interesting or pertinent content
    • library of forms, policies, and procedures collected from other DISC members
    • information on discount programs that are available to Church organizations and other non-profits
  • Spiritual growth
  • Collaboration with colleagues from other (arch)dioceses in North America at our annual conference
  • Professional development in the form of  webinars throughout the year and sessions at the annual conference.
  • Choice of interesting and timely topics from multiple “tracks” at the annual conference
  • Opportunity to confer with conference exhibitors, experts in their fields
  • Members in good standing may apply for the DISC Mission Grant Program which provides small grants for various initiatives nationally and internationally.

As a member of a poor and sparsely populated diocese that is also very large geographically – the western half of South Dakota, I have to emphasize that the DISC Conference is well worth the investment.  We try to send at least one person to the DISC Conference. Each time we come back with a better idea of what other dioceses are dealing with and some potential solutions to the challenges that we face, plus there is an intangible benefit in taking time to stop and think about why we do what we do and to allow ourselves some credit for what can often be a thankless job. (How many of us hear from anyone about IS when things are working as they should?) The DISC conference keeps us from becoming stagnant. It is a forum for ideas that often help us small guys do big things. It helps us to refocus our ministry and keeps us aware of issues that we as a pastoral entity must consider outside of the nuts and bolts of IT.

– Teresa Spiess, Secretary to the Bishop, Diocese of Rapid City

Being a member of DISC makes me feel like I’m not alone. It’s comforting to know that there are many others out there facing the same technology challenges that we face in our diocese. The annual conference boosts my motivation and morale. It helps me to remember that I am blessed to be working with information technology for the Church, as opposed to some for-profit business. Besides, discount programs that I have learned about through DISC have saved our diocese enough money to pay for many years of the annual membership fee.

– Chris Hair, Information Systems Manager, Diocese of Colorado Springs