Submitted by Martin Thompson

The Guardian of Dreams Mission – submitted by Diocese of St. Augustine:  The Guardian of Dreams Mission provides resources to St. Pius and Holy Rosary Catholic Schools in Jacksonville Florida. They provide educational and spiritual opportunities to children and families regardless of religious preference or economic status. 65% of the students are from single head of household families and 43% is equal to the Federal poverty level. Funds will be used to help with technology for their new Early Childhood Learning Center for 3,4 and 5 year olds.

The Diocese of St. George, Grenada, West Indies – submitted by Diocese of Steubenville:  The Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada West Indies was struck by hurricane Ivan on Sept 7, 2004. Most of their churches, schools and homes were either destroyed or badly damaged including the cathedral. Estimated cost to restore the churches was $5 million dollars. The entire infrastructure of the island on which the economy is based was destroyed. Many catholic families have lost their jobs and are struggling to support themselves.

The Church Without Borders – submitted by Diocese of San Diego CA ( The Church Without Borders works with the Catholic Mission Group in Tijuana, Mexico. They have started 2 projects with Mexican Missionary Partners. The Education Opens Doors project is a joint project with the Franciscan Sisters to find U.S. Donors to fund the education of poor children. The second one, Project Under Cover, is a joint effort with the Scalabrini Missionaries to provide warm blankets for and weatherize the very humble homes of the poor. This year we received six grant applications and, of these, The Disc Board of Trustees approved these three organizations and their initiatives for funding of $800.00 each