Submitted by: Dawn Wolf

The Mission Grant recipients for 2010 are:

St Martin Center’s Bishop’s Breakfast Program in Erie, Pennsylvania –submitted by Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania. The Bishop’s Breakfast Program began in December 2007 at St Paul’s United Church of Christ, a centrally located area. This church is home to The Upper Room, a place where homeless men and women can spend the day mending clothing, napping and reading and can also receive passes to take showers at the neighboring YMCA. The Bishop’s Breakfast Program began with approximately 5-10 men and has grown to approximately 60-70 men and women per day. They have a chef that voluntarily prepares the meals, along with several volunteers.  When donations are available, care packages with socks, toiletries, washcloths and other items are provided. Eyeglasses and aiding in apartment searches as well as providing certificates from local Laundromats to give to the men and women are other ways this program is helping the homeless. This program is solely donation based. DISC grant money will be used to provide food and personal care items to the men and women who visit the St Martin Center’s Bishop’s Breakfast program.

Clinica San Jose in Concepcion Tutuapa, San Marcos, Guatemala, Central America –submitted by Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The primary purpose of this ministry is to set up a rural clinic, provide health services and educate native staff. The mission is then turned over to qualified professionals, either Catholic Sisters or local health care providers.  On February 16, 2010, Clinica San Jose opened its doors. The converted garage “clinic” serves as the place where Sisters Annie Bruno and Liz Remily attend to the health needs of the people and hear their personal stories during private consultations. Patients get their consult free but pay a modest fee for medicine and lab tests. A generous financial sliding scale also includes paying with work on the planned new clinic or with fresh vegetables. Clinica San Jose averages a daily intake of twenty-five to thirty patients. Most are mothers and babies along with the elderly. Along with health care, there is very little dental care in the area. Missionaries always have a wish list and for Sisters Liz and Annie a full set of dental instruments is at the top of the list. The DISC grant will be used to purchase a Dental Autoclave for sterilization of instruments and a Cavitron for cleaning teeth.