On  June 2, 2004 our annual meeting will convene for the twentieth time. This year the Board of  Trustees  and their planning team along with the IT staff of the Diocese of Richmond will  be the hosts in Williamsburg, Virginia.

A  picnic dinner has been planned on Tuesday evening for  everyone at tending this year’s conference. If you are bringing your family they will enjoy  many of the activities that will be taking place during the  picnic.  This will be a time to renew  old  acquaintances or make new ones.  A time to share what has taken  place since last you met  with friends from other dioceses. It promises to be a relaxing evening around the pool. The chefs assured us that the food will be delicious and very enjoyable.

The pre-conference seminar will  be conducted by  Mr. Rob Sheehan of the Academy of Leadership of the University of Maryland. Rob Sheehan has worked with non-profit organizations and has been the  CEO of two non-profit organizations in the past. He brings to the seminarian understanding of  the problems  encountered in our area. He has provided insights to past participants who have attended his  workshops.  Under his  direction the Academy of  Leadership has grown in  its offerings to participants.

Our Keynote  Address will  be presented  by Bishop Richard E. Pates, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. Episcopal moderator for DISC

You will find the conference presentations relevant to the administrative and technical elements of  your IT  responsibilities at  the  diocese. A separate track is offered enabling a vendor or manufacturer to present the trends in  their field  of expertise.

The vendor exhibits have  been  expanded this year to include many of the major companies with offerings in the IT Field. We hope you will take advantage of the knowledge they wish to share with you during the conference.

This year’s  outing will  include dinner at  the King’s Arms Tavern  and you will be part  of a guided tour and interactive presentation by the characters of the Colonial Williamsburg cast.