discawardsvotegraphicTime is quickly disappearing to recognize your peers for their use and application of Technology

The 2013 DISC Awards provide Catholic arch/dioceses and Eparchies of the United States and Canada the opportunity to receive recognition for excellence in the use and application of technology.

Technology Evangelization Award

The Technology Evangelization Awards recognize Priests or Bishops using technology to serve the people of God in unique or outstanding ways.

Diocesan Achievement Award

Diocesan Achievement Award recognizes a diocese that has made significant strides with and has become a model for the use of technology to serve parishes, schools and parishioners within their diocese.

Conference Theme Award

The 2013 Conference Theme Award is dedicated to Strengthening Catholic Ministries through Technology: Inform – Collaborate – Innovate – Celebrate. The purpose of the award is to recognize the innovative use of technology by any Catholic Ministry (parish, diocese, associated organization) to Inform, Collaborate and Celebrate with their parishioners.

[highlight]Nominations due by May 31, 2013. [/highlight]

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